Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Back Up and Running

I'm back. Sorry I went down. I saw popups all over my page and freaked out. I promise I WILL get this blogging thing down (now more than ever).
I think this blog can be an important historical archive. Maybe I can field some questions too and write a few things if my day job allows it. I know a couple of things and people used to say I could explain complicated things in simple terms. I'll try. 

As for now, I'm glad to see that some regulators and law enforcement "got it" as I thought they had and hopefully they find "Sir Allen" (when can we stop calling him "Sir"?), his inner circle and delve into his dealings. I'm pretty sure there is wide web of fraud and corruption. Please don't try to put ME on the record for it, OK? I took down the WSJ article. I don't take back a word I put there, but that wasn't me speaking, that was frustration and anger and the haunting pleas of that lady from Venezuela. I'm not like that. My wife called me out on it. I was almost thinking they were going to pin it all on the dead auditor and the press was part of the cover up. Paranoid, like Markopolous. I can relate.

I have not been swamped by Journalists. I have answered everyone who went through the appropriate channel. Those who didn't, I ignored. Thank you for the congrats...particularly those who actually READ my article. It's an honor to be called a "journalist" by people who really are...and put their cojones on the line for stuff more important than money. A Jamaican radio show wanted me on. I would have gone on...honest, but they wanted someone to talk about the investigation, and I'm just a guy who does numbers.
I've been invited to "guest-blog" at some very important blogs and I'll probably do some of that, especially at the blogs who backed me up during this thing.
The "Daily Show" hasn't called. DANG!


  1. Just gotta go and kill everyones hopes and dreams of sweet sugar plum financial heavens and banks with amazing rates. Y can't it just be true? Think you could look into your sisters records tho they seem to be short changing me to haha. just kidding.

    Haha if yall do get on the daily show get me some tickets.



  2. Now that SEC has published the official complaint http://www.sec.gov/litigation/complaints/2009/comp20901.pdf can you tell us if these allegations would lead to fines or jail if the named defendants are found guilty? The SEC filing seems only to ask for the money...

    Thanks if you can shed some light.

    P.S. I have been reading your work for several days and I think you are an excellent writer. For the laity, reading about these financial matters can be quite dry (even sleep-inducing), but you make it pleasurable to read with your good writing skill.

  3. I'm getting muchos queries here about what scammed depositors should do to try to recoup their lost savings. But I'm neither an attorney nor a financial analyst. Is it possible you might post some suggestions? PS: delighted to see you blogging. Un abrazo, Caracas Gringo

  4. Answering:
    Anonymous: haven't seen the complaint, I've heard its very strong. Massive Fraud. I'd have to assume there is jail time involve. But I'm not a lawyer, just REALLY happy they're going after the guy. Mucho thanks for the writing comment...it really does mean a lot to me.

    Abrazo: Caracas Gringo. Thx. I really have to be careful what I say to you. LOL. YOU my friend are a JOURNALIST! (If you are who I think you are?) As for recouping...I'm really not aware of Antiguan bankrupcty laws. Could be based on the UK model...anyone?

  5. hi alex

    i'm from bbc news - could i have a chat with you? my email address in mark.broad@bbc.co.uk

  6. Alex, I'm from BBC News too - a different bit of it though. Could you let me know the best way to contact you by telephone. Thanks. innes.bowen@bbc.co.uk

  7. Alex,

    I just read the SEC complaint. It reads like "Duck Tales". I guess they get it.


  8. Hello Mr. Alex:
    I am 6 years old. A friend of mine told me that Santa Claus is non other than my parents. Is that true?