Monday, February 16, 2009

Linking up and filling in the blanks.

I'll make it easy for everyone by putting my stuff up on the web. Don't call me, I'm on the donotcall list and I will report you. LOL.

I promise to get this blogging thing better. My kids will help. Bear with me.

Here's the Original Article "Duck Tales". As I'm told it's already linked at Sir Allen's wiki bio. Quite poetic, I'd say.

Here's the inside story of "Confessions of a Reluctant Whistleblower" on DiabloCaca's site.
Here's the follow up: QUACK! on Inka Cola's site and QUACK! on DiabloCaca's site.

Let me fill in the blanks about me and the story. These are questions the reporters asked and are probably floating around anyway.

I'm 48. Happily married (sorry girls...and err you too, sir). I'm from Venezuela, but English is my first language (long story you don't need to know). I'm a financial analyst. They're writing "Florida-based" and "independent". Both good. I work out of my house. I like that a lot. I live in Florida and Yes I did come here LEGALLY. 

About the story. I have NO inside information. I found out about this as stated in "confessions".
I'm not gruntled or disgruntled ANYTHING and Sir Allen doesn't owe me money. I don't know any Stanford employees past or present. I have NOT been contacted by regulatory or law enforcement agencies BEFORE or SINCE. I don't have a lawyer, though I'm told I might need one.
I don't know Mr. Markopolous, but from what I've seen he's a pretty smart guy. However, I would much prefer to party with Sir Allen. 
I did not contact the Stanford group before writing "Duck Tales". A reporter actually asked me that. But I guess the fact that I'm not dead, maimed or suddenly filthy rich should clear that up. 
I did not contact or try to file something with the SEC. After seeing Markopolous' deposition, that was probably the best. I can just imagine..."File this in triplicate...sign here, we'll get back to you after we check with the company". 

Now I'll actually find some news to blog about. Like Joe the Plumber, and unlike Markopolous, I have an opinion about EVERYTHING. 

Is anybody reading this?


  1. Yes - with bated breath -

  2. Yes but waiting for the beef. Best regards

  3. Oh yeah baby, bring it on!!!

  4. please can you contact me with your email address and a phone number. massively want a picture of you for our newspaper, london-based cityam. my number is 02070151204.

  5. Please contact ryan @ CNBC

    My email is

    We would love to interview you on CNBC\NBC\MSNBC.

    My phone number is 201-735-3000

  6. Alex, thank you!! Is there a difference between a duck flying under the radar of enforcement and a duck simply being invisible? Did Stanford comply with regulators at the SEC etc. or are there no regulators? I understand the regulators have not been looking. Is it because they are blind or because they are corrupt? I can't tell. And I don't relish more regulation if what we need to do is throw the bums out and get a clean group into the SEC that can play by and enforce the rules. Which is it? There is never just one cockroach. How many more Madoff/Stanford cockroaches are still hidden?

  7. Last Anon,

    There are always "gaps" in regulation. This is one. Based in Antigua...SIBL was under the laws and supervision of a nation of less than 100,000 people. Think Barney Fife with an Eastern Caribbean accent (sorry). So guys like Stanford took advantage of that.
    The SEC doesn't regulate that. You can sell any offshore crap you want, as long as you sell it the right way. That's why you have the mail fraud stuff.
    I'm with you as in I'm not really sure how you regulate that.
    Really I'm not with criticizing the SEC here. They screwed up in the past, sure. We all did. It wasn't really their jurisdiction. EVERYONE fell for this guy. I see them moving now and I'm really fine with that.
    As for how many M/S? Not sure. We're seeing a $300 m deal there, $400 m deal here. I hope there aren't anymore HUGE deals out there, but you can only wonder.
    Offshore is great place to hide this crap and there are a LOT of independent banks/hedge funds offshore.
    Not much of an answer..I know. Sorry.